Benefits Of Electric Vehicles


Eco-friendly travel: benefits of electric vehicles.
Eco-friendly travel: benefits of electric vehicles.

Lower Running Costs

Generally, the cost of charging an electric car is incomparable to the ever-rising fuel costs. In Canada, the price of electricity varies with province and may even fluctuate, but it’s still cheaper than fossil fuel.

Hence, you’ll still save more cash with an EV, even when the cost of electricity changes. Additionally, these cars use regenerative braking systems to recharge the battery, which improves your driving range. Even a hybrid car can help you save on fuel.

So when driving long distances, you should use a hybrid car instead of an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle.

Low Maintenance Cost

Owning a car that requires little-to-no maintenance is pure bliss. Unfortunately, ICE and hybrid vehicles have an engine that must be serviced regularly. But with an EV, you’ll never have to worry about oil changes or most of the services associated with ICE cars.

EVs have fewer components; therefore, they don’t wear at the same pace as parts of an ICE vehicle. And even when they do, the repair costs may be lower.

For instance, the cost of servicing an electric car after using it for two years can be 31% lower than that of a regular car.

Zero Tailpipe Emissions

Another benefit of EVs that makes them ideal for environmentally conscious Canucks is that they produce no emissions. An electric car doesn’t have a combustion engine, so it doesn’t emit exhaust gases.

Don’t get me wrong, electricity does produce carbon, but that will vary with the generation process.

Tax and Financial Benefits

EVs are pretty costly. The cost of EVs has made many Canucks shy away from their dreams of owning one. But purchasing one does come with some tax credits. For instance, the registration fee for EVs is cheaper than that of ICE vehicles.

Also, there may be lower interest rates for loans taken to buy an electric car. On top of that, you will save a lot on maintenance and fuel.

Less Destructive to the Planet

The air pollutants produced by fossil fuels have destroyed the ozone layer. Therefore, we all must play our part in lowering our carbon footprints. And one of the best solutions is getting an EV.

It might not come with zero emissions, but you can’t compare it to ICE cars.

Easy and Quiet Driving Experience

An electric car is lighter and silent vehicle that gives you a smooth and peaceful ride. Plus, it has better acceleration. Its interior feels roomier as it has fewer components in its powertrain, so its floor is flat. 

Therefore, an EV is bound to give you a better driving experience than ICE cars.

The Convenience of Charging at Home

Generally, charging an EV at home is cheaper than visiting a gas station with a regular car. Plus, it’s more convenient than a public or commercial charging station.

Setting up a convenient charging spot in your home can reduce your visits to public charging stations.

One study found that home charging can help cover about 92% of a 250-mile range. It also reduces the number of stops at charging stations by almost six times.

Further, home charging lets you opt for a better energy source like solar power. Plus, you won’t be in a hurry to leave the house every morning to look for a charging station.

No Noise Pollution

A traditional car driving at 112.65 km/h on the interstate produces about 89 decibels of sound. However, an electric car is quieter because it runs on an electric motor.

As such, its noise is so low at a slow speed that authorities require it to emit between 43 and 64 decibels. That way, pedestrians can hear it when driven at a speed under 30 km/h.